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ip Photo Gallery

ip Photo Gallery

This area of ip-forum will build into a comprehensive photo-library of plants grown by insektenfang plants.

To locate images of a specific plant, run a forum search using the five, six or seven digit accession number (e.g. ipF100) unique to each plant that may be found in our Grow List here -

insektenfang plants - Grow List


Terms & Conditions for the use of ip Photo Gallery images

You may post ip Photo Gallery images to other sites, or embed them in your own personal site on the following basis -

All images are copyright of insektenfang plants and copyright notices may not be removed or defaced.

Include the following statement (or similar) and provide a link back to ip-forum -

Images used by permission of insektenfang plants - www.insektenfang.com

Images may not be used for commercial purposes - e.g. on an auction site. If you require images for commercial usage, please contact me to discuss the matter.

Under most circumstances I will be happy for you to make use of my bandwidth. In a high bandwidth usage environment I may require that you use your own hosting facilities.

Finally, please let me know of your intentions to use any images.

This statement is subject to change without notice.